Librarians have an important task...

Librarians, in our humble view, have an important task.
This task, if done, can mean a positive contribution to the lives of Students, Readers, Resesrchers and Educators.
It can also create a different for Authors and Publishers.

Some issues:
Libraries have budget issues;
Libraries have technology issues;
Use of Libraries need to be increased through planned promotional action ;
Libraries need to become relevant to the communities living in its vicinity;
Libraries need to make their books available to those beyond their members;
Libraries can promote Reading, Discussing, Reviewing, Translating, Researching, Story-telling, Promoting, Writing, Launching books and a lot of variations the books.

These are some of the possibilities and I am sure the million+ Librarians across the country can enhance and enlarge this list of possibilities.

Best Book Buddies has been specifically launched for promoting these and similar activities.

Best Book Buddies provides free Koha services on its cloud, where, your investment in implementation, hosting, maintenance and upgrades of Koha is ZERO.

This facility is already being happily enjoyed by hundreds of Libraries across 29 countries. You can avail of it at:

Best Book Buddies connects you with Readers, Writers and Publishers apart from Educators, Researchers and everyone interested in books, enhancing the use of your Library and thus of your role as "Librarian, the Change Maker".

You are welcome to be part of this mission of creating a wise and intelligent society.

We invite Librarians to participate in implementing as well as expanding these ideas further, together......
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