India's mental health crisis is growing rapidly

India's mental health crisis is growing rapidly.

This editorial in today's Hindustan times, gives us an appropriate warning of times to come.

if it's not attended to in time, the crisis can see unfortunate deaths, many of them being young and very young promising lives.

Whatever may be the ultimate solution to this complex issue, the immediate help can come from the Librarians and teachers.

If Librarians start engaging with students more and more, discussing the education related issues in a friendly manner, this can be the start of a great friendly relationship, where the Librarian would automatically become the friendly mentor.
if done well, the student will now have a "guide and friend" available readily to discuss various issues of life, starting with books and curriculum issues.

The vacuum of not having a "friend and guide" can indeed be very dangerous in today's situation of multi-dimensional pressures, which can easily lead to isolation and hence suicidal tendencies.
This vacuum can easily be filled by the Librarian, saving precious lives.

Shall we try it, my dear Librarian?

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