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About Us

Best Book Buddies (BBB) is a SaaS Platform of Globally connected automated libraries, without cost to
the libraries. Great place for Book-Lovers, Students, Teachers, Librarians, Readers, Authors, Publishers,
Educationists, Institutions, Policy-makers and anyone connected to books in any way.
Networking libraries across the world on one aggregated platform, making books organized & easily
reachable, thus facilitating global knowledge for all, BBB creates a transforming effect on education and
thinking process, creating possibilities of new methods of delivering education.
This platform is a result of over 4 years of research and validation at libraries across 15 countries,
understanding their needs and concerns, resulting in creation of this platform that will provide the
following value proposition : Libraries will get Free Automation & Maintenance; Librarians will be free of
technology issues and be able to concentrate on their domain; Readers will get to know the nearest
location of desired book/s;
Government & other stake-holders will know exact status of any/all the books;
Publishers will be able to connect to readers for the first time in human history;
Author forums will make big difference to the future plans of the Authors;
Review sharing will help buy the right book/s;
Book-lovers will be able to refer, review-share, discuss, exchange and connect as per book/s of their
We thank the whole of Koha Community for building such a wonderful tool for Libraries, that lead us to
discover this possibility.