• Register your Library
  • You will receive the Confirmation of Registration.
  • Read this FAQs in details.
  • Take the files that need to be downloaded for Data-migration and Infomation to be sent, etc.
  • Download and fill the file (mentioned at point no. 1 below) and email it to us immediately with all the details.
  • You will receive the Credentials of your Koha-Library Instance (URL, OPAC Login, Admin Login).
  • Change your Administration password immediately for security, as per the How-to given here-below.
  • Upload your Data (Bibliography and Patrons.
  • Set the Library rules.
  • Start using your Koha library with all standard features.

    Please change your admin password immediately as per instructions given here-below :

  • Log in to your admin page as per credentials sent to you.
  • Click on your name i.e. "admin", at the right-side top menu.
  • Select the option "My Account" from the drop-down list.
  • Your account page is now visible to you. Click on "Change Password" button to set the new password.
  • Keep the password as a unique combination of characters and numbers for safety.

  • Its done. That's it.
    Thanks for following security instructions.

The Terms & Conditions (our proposal), agreed between us, at the time of your registration, are readily available as Terms and Conditions
The Terms & Conditions for ICAR institutions (our proposal), agreed between us, at the time of your registration, are readily available as Terms and Conditions with ICAR Institutions
You will receive the following Credentials by email :
Your OPAC details - http://(short name of your library).BestBookBuddies.com

    Your Koha Admin details are :
  • Admin Url :
  • Admin login name :
  • Admin password :
It is suggested that, for security reasons, you change the admin password immediately on receiving them by email.
The detailed steps to ensure the smooth on-boarding of your Library at BBB are giving here-below :
  • Please send us the form Info form duly filled-up with all the requested information to create your Koha instance. This form will help us create your Koha instance and will also help you complete the process detailed there-in.
  • How to prepare data for migration : Libsys / Mysql / MsSql / MS-Access / Flat file / XLS format

The data from any of the above needs to be brought into the XLS file available as Excel data file templates
For Libsys data, the steps are given as Export data from libsys bbb
Please note that import of data from any proprietary data may not be 100% successful due to restrictions of that application, and you will accordingly be required to complete those parts after migration to Koha.
The help to use Koha is available to you in the following ways, (apart from Koha Community website) :
The manual for using Koha is available at : Kohamanual
The videos to help you learn Koha are available here
The help desk is available as a forum of Koha users @ BBB. While you may find some of your questions already answered, you are welcome to ask further questions and it will be our endeavor to provide the help. This forum is an opportunity to build the community of Koha users @ BBB for mutual help, apart from our role.
In addition to the above, in response to requests from users, we can provide paid training services through Skype as well as in person (where-ever feasible) and you are welcome to get in touch with us to organize these for you. These services are available (directly and through support partners) to those who may need them, as an option.
As already committed in the terms and conditions, once your Koha data is given to us in the current stable version of Koha (Koha version 16.x), all the services of Hosting, Maintenance, Upgrades are absolutely without cost, as mentioned in the terms and conditions agreed between us.
If you are currently using Koha, please take backup and upgrade your Koha to the current stable version - Koha Version 16.x, and send us the backup file as SQL backup.
    Please note :
  • That in-case you want, the service of migrating your existing Koha's data (from any version older than Koha 3.x) to Koha version 16.x are available on nominal one-time charges of INR 10,000-00 + 15% Service tax (US$ 200-00), to be paid in advance. All future upgrades will be absolutely free of cost, as per terms and conditions.
  • Data migration services from your existing LMS (other than Koha) are available as given in the terms and conditions, at a very special-nominal charges. These services are an option, only in-case you need them, as you may not have the required in-house expertise to use the instructions given for this purpose.
  • The data migration from any proprietary format cannot be guaranteed to be 100% complete. Though we try to extract everything through multiple-method-effort, some of the fields go missing due to software restriction, and these need to be re-entered by you. This can be done directly to your migrated data in Koha's interface.
  • You will have the facility of taking regular backup of your Koha instance, without any charges.
  • As an expert librarian, we are sure, that you are aware of the possibility of damages to your instance, if this access is mis-used or used by an un-trained admin, or by any mistakes. Due to this, while it is advised that this access remains with a trained and responsible person at your end, we request you to take regular (weekly) backups of your instance. Please note that while it may usually be possible to rebuild your Koha instance from the backup, if the damages happen beyond that possibility, this may require special efforts, which will be billed to you @ US$ 15 per hour.
So, we suggest you to be very careful with the use of admin access.