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Dear Change-Maker (Librarian),

The Social Network at invites your participation to strengthen the Libraries as a domain that can transform education.
Video Intro:

Surely, you are concerned about the dwindling statistics about the visits, usage, budgets, and importance of Libraries in daily life.

Best Book Buddies came into existence due to this concern and the fact that growth of education is directly proportional to the growth of libraries.

Best Book Buddies is a free, interactive tool in your hands to participate in this growth, not just as a participant but as a leader taking things forward.

For example, you can:

1. Invite your students, researchers, and faculty to join the network to get informally connected to:

a). Share Books through ratings and reviews, leading to discussions and literary small but regular events in the library itself.

b). Co-read, discuss, understand books/subjects. This is a crucial aspect, as, around 80% of learning happens through peer study only. Thus, you could actually be encouraging the real learning at the library.

2. Connect and invite Authors so that they can become reachable and thus be invited to Libraries for the discussions and various literary activities. This way, Authors get closer to their Readers, invoking a creative environment for both sides.

3. Connect the Publishers and Book-sellers so that they can list and showcase their books at BBB, inviting current and future readers to read, rate and review their books.
This will enhance the reach of their books.

All this is free of cost.

We currently have around 3,00,000 users from over 487 libraries of 27 countries, using the library aspect of the platform.

As a friend, I request your help in doing this, by:

1. Create your login, if not already done.

2. Invite your Students, Researchers, Faculty to join. Perhaps you can put up a poster on notice board for this.

3. Get your Koha library, free of cost by registering at
if not already done. Detailed offer is at above link. Koha Cloud-Implementation, Hosting, Maintenance, and Upgrades are free forever, as per details given there.

4. Put a link to a Book, Event, URL, anything that you find useful for your Students, Researchers, Faculty, Books in particular.

5. Start a discussion group on the topic of your choice.

6. Write a blog, even if it's just 200 words on any topic/issue of your choice.

7. You are welcome to share any useful development, news, issue, jobs, statistics, technology, etc on the platform, specially useful for the Books domain as a whole.

This will go a long way in building a sensible network, where wise, intelligent, meaningful interaction can happen.

I shall be very happy to have your support in building this.
For any aspect needing help, I and the whole of BBB team is available to assist.

Please try to start it today itself.

With my best wishes of Peace Force and Joy.

Sudhir Gandotra

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