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For education to grow, it is very important that Libraries are everywhere, well-equipped and inter-connected.

Look at it differently, we surely understand Books and the collection of Human Knowledge. And libraries start happening when more than 1 book is put together. Hence, Libraries represent our collective human knowledge.

When this collective knowledge - Library - is made easily accessible, it helps education grow. For that to happen, the libraries need to be automated and inter-connected. This needs money and that is the core difficulty.

To resolve this problem, OpenLX has launched a new project - that provides a portal where any library can be hosted free of cost. The automation, maintenance and up-gradation, using the best LMS - KOHA, will be done by us without charging anything to the libraries.

All libraries across the world are welcome, to join our humble effort. Your suggestions are most welcome at

Note: We will be putting 2 ads on a page to cover the expenses, thus sustaining this global effort.
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