While there are many Library Management Solutions (LMS) across the world, Koha has redefined the domain. Being developed-expanded with active participation of not just Software-Engineers but also the Librarians and Service-Providers, using open-standards, Koha has become the best in the world for Libraries.

Open-source, with documentation, Koha can be customised by anyone who needs to do that and when these customisations are offered back to the Koha community, they become the added features of next version/s. And, thus, Koha expands its offerings to its users.

Koha was introduced by OpenLX in India in 2007-08 with the first commercial implementation at Delhi Public Library, and since then, its use has grown across India with hundreds of libraries using it happily. We have taken it to our customers across 15 countries, who are happy with its use.

After extensive working with our users and studying the needs, limitations and other aspects of libraries, we have introduced the new model, wherein the Library does not have to pay for Hardware, Software-implementation, Maintenance and Upgrades. They just register their library at www.bestbookbuddies.com and we give them their instance of Koha, where they upload the data, set the rules and start using Koha with their OPAC and Admin just as they would do by paying. We host it on the world's best hosting providers .

All the steps of registration, learning, on-boarding, data-migration, self-training, etc. are explained at the Faq link on the website. There is also a link to detailed Terms & Conditions, so the user knows what exactly they are getting into, from legal point of view.

And, thus, Koha's new journey starts. 1,054 Libraries have already signed up and are being on-boarded.OpenLX welcomes all the Libraries to come over to this new world of Libraries.

Your suggestions, feedback and criticism - all of it is welcome so that we can make things increasingly better for the libraries. We care for the education and believe that connected libraries can help deliver better education to all, thus assisting Governments in improvements in their education policies.

We invite you to reach this information to your nearest library, helping them get the best and save money & hassles.
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