Save Libraries, Build Libraries

The news that appeared in Jansatta (Hindi daily) today (10 Nov 2016) is very important for everyone who is concerned about the well being of society.
This news also conveys the concern that we, at OpenLX, have about the libraries. We firmly believe that the well-being of society is directly proportionate to the well-being of libraries. This is how, after a research of the domain over 4 years across 15 countries, we reached the conclusion of changing the business model, in order to create a win-win situation for the libraries and ourselves.

In this new model, beta-launched at, any library can get Koha based Library Automation Services (Implementation, Hosting, Maintenance and Upgrades) absolutely without cost for ever. There are no ifs & buts, no hidden charges and no limitations of data size, number of users or transactions.

This brings substantial savings to the library, to the extent of a minimum of INR 5,00,000 worth of capital cost and INR 1,00,000 worth of Annual Maintenance cost spent every year. These savings are at the minimal, while there are libraries that are being fleeced for 3 to 5 times these amounts by various proprietary vendors.

We request everyone to share this news with their libraries that are in the Universities, Colleges, Schools, NGOs, Corporate, Public and Private libraries, across Government Departments and Ministries, Banks, Public Sector Units, Institutions of all kinds and anywhere else. This information sharing can be your gift to a library, and I am sure the Library will be thankful to you.

Librarians are very important for education and research and we need to help them save their time from technology-headaches, so that they can spend their quality time in helping the students and researchers with their task.

It is also important to connect the libraries to community, that is beyond their members, as this can bring educational benefits to the people who are otherwise away from libraries. It will also help build educational-knowledge environment, which can bring down crime and improve employment (including self-employment).

I invite you all to be part of this movement to save & rebuild libraries that will result in establishing books and knowledge in the society at its right place, thus contributing to a better world for all of us. A society that respects libraries (collection of books) is surely going to be a better culture.

On my last birthday, in response to an overwhelming flood of greetings of well-being, I had promised you that I will soon share a good news with you. That good news is about the launch of these services for the libraries. I am very happy as I feel lucky that I am able to undertake this task, that can have positive consequences for the whole world. I am thankful to all of you, everyone connected to me, and to my team that is with me in this tough mission, that we all are enjoying building.
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