Fix SD Card Not Showing Files in PC with Bitwar Data Recovery

Summary: Sometimes, SD card not showing files in PC, such as the photos, documents, video, audio, etc. Where do the files go on the SD card? How to fix the SD card without losing data? Heres a tutorial for you to follow step by step.
Nowadays, SD card becomes the most popular digital storage medium in the world, and there are many known and powerful brands, such as SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston, Sony, Lexar, Transcend, PNY, Komputerbay who manufactures the SD with phenomenal Read and write speed. Everybody loves to use the SD card in the mobile phone, digital camera & camcorder; sd card not showing up mac

However, I have seen many SD card not showing files in PC errors that you can find in Quora or Yahoo Answers community as listed below:

1. Pictures on SD card not showing on camera & computer
2. Videos on SD card not showing on computer
3. SD card files not showing in gallery
4. Pictures on sd card not showing on mac

Actually, the above-mentioned errors are the same, SD card could be detected by computer but found no files shown up. Which means, the SD card is not accessible, and what about precious data on the SD card that we cannot lose and surely need to get them back?

Ways to get back the files on SD card

Method 1. Change New SD card reader and then reconnect with the PC.
Method 2. Update SD Card reader driver
Method 3. Check SD card is under Read & Write protection or not.
Method 4. Enable the hidden Files on the SD card.
If the above actions didnt work to find the files back, please aware that its most important to recover data from SD card first to get files back instead of performing some technical operations on the card.

Note: Formatting, disk management operations may cause data loss and you will lose data on the SD card forever! You can recover the data first and then fix the SD card faults.

If computer can detect your SD card, please download the trustworthy recovery software – Bitwar Data Recovery and then install the software on your computer! Launch the software to scan the data on your SD card and with such free data recovery Software, you can easily recover data on the SD card with simple 3 steps while you are having SD card now showing files in PC card not showing up mac
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