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Investigators from public health agencies across the United States found that African dwarf frogs are causing a nationwide outbreak of a specific Salmonella strain in children.A group of health professionals make up the Salmonella Typhimurium Outbreak Investigation Team, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recently, the team has been examining the effects of African dwarf frogs on people's health. This includes day care settings and nursing homes, she said.

Pesticides in tap water, produce linked to food allergiesPesticides in produce and drinking water may be playing a role in the increasing prevalence of food allergies, according to a new study.Researchers looked at 2,211 people and found those in the top 25% for urine concentrations of chemical dichlorophenols used to chlorinate tap water and keep pests off produce were also 80% more likely to have a food allergy

. ElinaJerschow. allergies to foods are on the rise. That certainly includes shellfish and fish allergies, but also peanuts. We don know what influences this development. But having been exposed to dichlorophenols in our study suggests there could be some link. FULL POSTFDA: Several violations uncovered at Sunland peanut plant

Health officials have found more clues about the nut product contamination that lead to at least41 peoplegetting sick this summer.Conditions at the Sunland,Inc.Federal investigators determined that between June 2009 and August 2012, Sunland cleared and in some cases distributed peanut or almond butter products from 11 different lots, even thoughinternal testing showed the presence of the salmonella bacteria.

7 health risks in the wake of Superstorm SandyIn the wake of Superstorm Sandy, cold weather could put people returning to their homes at risk. Here isa bit about some of the health risks victims of the storm may face.lot of these injuries come about because some of these people are in such a rush to get back into their homes, says Mell. FULL POST

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