Replacing homework with sporting activities

What effects does replacing homework with sporting activities cause and are they all good or all bad? Read more in the article below.

Teachers assign homework for the sake of giving children assignments in which they can do more practice. Homework is known to have its pros and cons and so replacing it with sporting activities or other such practices can have harmful impacts as well as positive ones. Both are discussed in more detail in the article below.

Harmful effects of replacing homework with sports:

Homework has a lot of benefits as it teaches students the importance of keeping in touch with their academics through practicing their school work or other such assigned homework. This can however not be done through sports as these are just activities to pass the time and do not affect grades the way homework does. Furthermore, students need to get into universities and then get respectable jobs to secure their future and help pay bills, mortgages and other such expenses which cannot be the case if children spend all their time running around playing frivolous games and whatnot. There are also a lot of health hazards to students whilst they play sports. They could fall and get injured or even be pushed by other team members as most sports are contact sports which can be really dangerous. Even playing for teams has its negative aspects as well. Students end up focusing more on winning the games they play due to competitiveness and if they lose, they take the loss to heart and end up getting depressed. Their losses then affect their mental health because other school members blame them for the loss and this completely destroys their respect. If they focus entirely on sports, they neglect their studies to the extent that they fall behind and they cannot catch up with the other class. Some kids do not like physical activities and they might prefer math or science clubs or just have other hobbies as a whole. If homework is replaced with sports, these students will be forced to participate which could make them resent sports as a whole and instead of being beneficial, it does more harm to students. Another harmful effect is that there are children who bond with their parents during homework but if homework is replaced with sports they cannot do so anymore because not a lot of parents know a whole lot about sporting activities and this then causes a rift between the members of a family and this rift is primarily between parent and child.

Beneficial effects of replacing homework with sports:

Homework makes children sit for long periods of time hunched over their books which can be detrimental to their mental as well as their physical health as it causes back pain, muscle aches, and joint pain as well. Their mental health is impacted as they become prone to anxiety or panic attacks due to stressing about their full schedules and all of this can be fixed if they take part in more athletic activities as sports like football or cricket which do not only release endorphins which make a person’s mood better and lift their spirits. It even gives a boost to their physical health as they stay in shape due to all the running around in games. It even teaches students how important working in a team is and they learn the importance of sportsmanship as well. Teamwork has many benefits because when students go into their professional life they have to work with all sorts of people with all sorts of different personalities which could be dominating or condescending and through playing sports, they become prone to people’s mood swings and so learn how to handle all the different kinds of people. Furthermore, sportsmanship teaches children the importance of winning and losing. By winning, their confidence is boosted and it helps with their self-esteem issues and by losing, they learn that not everything in life will go their way and thus they have to make accommodations for whatever does not go their way. Even universities do not want students who only have good grades because they understand the importance of personality development in a child which is only possible due to sports or other extra-curricular activities. So, they prefer well rounded and balanced students who understand that academics might be important but so is one’s physical fitness and mental well-being. There are students who can bond with their parents over sports as a high percentage of Americans watch sports like football. If a child plays sports like these, they could develop a strong relationship with their parents and spend time watching sporting activities or even playing fun games together which positively affects their relationships.

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