Best Book Buddies (BBB) Features

What Can you be doing here ?

A brief introduction to the Features


Register & Login : reached you to the Home page:

New User needs to create a login ID.

Register yourself through a simple interface & you will be able to login.

You can create a quick login with Facebook or Google ID, or through your mail-ID from the following screen:

When you Register through Facebook or Google, you will need to fill in few details and you will be sent a mail to validate your ID:

As you click on the link in the mail, your ID will be validated and you can start using Best Book Buddies.

If you Register with your Name and Email, you will need to give your cell phone to get an OTP (One time password) to validate yourself, apart from an email validation.

Now that your ID is created, through one of the above chosen methods, you can start using Best Book Buddies immediately.

Do remember to create your profile with your Picture (size 200 x 200 pixels) and a Header Background (1164 x 266 pixels) for your Buddies to see & know you better.

You are welcome to:

Connect with existing users and invite your Buddies to join;

Share your ideas, books, comments etc., on the Wall;

Launch your own discussion groups on the book/s that you wish to discuss with your buddies.

Launch your own events: Organize Literary festivals, Discussions, Meets in your environment, inviting your buddies and others.

You will find other Readers, Teachers, Authors, Publishers, Librarians, Educationists, Experts and others at BBB network whom you can invite to your Groups and Events.

A brief introduction to each of these areas are given below:

Home Page Menus :

Before login, you will see these menus to the left of Home Page:

Download App
This link helps you download the BBB App for your Android smart-phone.
Free Koha Library
This link takes you to the form to register your Library for Koha based Automation @ Affordable annual rate of INR 10,000 (US$ 145) + GST
Featured Libraries
You are welcome to send your Library details (Hosted on our Cloud) for its promotion. Send picture of Librarian, Library, Team for this)
Testimonials Testimonials of Librarians hosted with BBB (Best Book Buddies)

Blogs Welcome to write your Blogs. We encourage Blogs related to "All About Books"
BBB Features This page

Shop Takes you to BBB Market Place, where the Books from Publishers and our Self-Published books are available for sale

Create your Profile :

A detailed profile helps better understanding of each-other, while Connecting with Books, Teachers, Students & Others on the Network;

Wall for Comments / Sharing :

Here, you can share your ideas, interact with others on yours and their comments. You are welcome to share comments, pictures and videos.

Add Buddies :

You are welcome to connect with existing Buddies and invite others to Join. More the Buddies, better the interactions. Let us make the best of it to build a Wise People Network.

This helps you Build your Multifaceted role matching your domain expertise : Change-Maker, Knowledge Manager, Information Consultant, Domain Specialist, Transform campus/library with intelligent systems & tool; Build an Interactive and Research driven environment, Organize Literary and Cultural events connecting Readers with Teachers, Authors and Publishers.


Invite your students to your Institutional group for discussions.

Share comments on the books you like with them, inviting them to do the same, thus building creative reading environment.

Organize Literary events, inviting Authors, Experts, Faculty and Experts from time to time in your Library, thus, transforming your Library it into an Active Knowledge Sharing place. You will find them on BBB network, making the reach easier.

Create Discussion Group :

Launch your own discussion groups on the your book/s (also other books) that you wish to discuss with your buddies (your fans are also your buddies). Build your fan-group here.

Participate in and Organize Literary festivals, Discussions, Meets in your environment, inviting your buddies and others.

You will find other Readers, Teachers, Authors, Publishers, Educationists, Experts and others at BBB network whom you can invite to your Group/s.

Promote yourself on the network with these activities.

Create an Event :

Global platform to interact with Readers, Teachers and Libraries to promote, showcase and sell books;

Register yourself.

Build your Book-pages with readers’ reviews and ratings to strengthens Sales;

Announce your future publications, Conduct Polls, Organize Launch-Events, Advance/Pre-Launch orders ensuring sales;

You will find your readers and Libraries at BBB to enhance your sales directly to them;

BBB helps promote your publications.

You can migrate your website to BBB for close contact with Libraries and Readers.

BBB has special promotion offers building your branding among readers and libraries.

Offer your presence (promoting your books) at Library’s events, thus connecting with them and readers directly, enhancing your sales.

Self Publication :

Details of Self-Publishing, specially useful for aspiring Authors with Promotion & Sales, are at:

Market Place : : Meant for the online sale of Books and Journals from Publishers including our own Self-Published category of e-books. Soon, this will expand with thousands of books from many more publishers across the world.