Essential Scholarship Essay Writing Tips That Will Win You That Grant

Everybody wants a scholarship, but not everyone can write an award-winning essay to go with it. A personal statement or a statement of purpose is supposed to help the people giving the grant decide why you deserve the scholarship more than anyone else. There are probably thousands of other people applying for the same grant, who are convinced that they deserve the scholarship more than you. If you haven’t gotten the test scores you required, you can still make it up with your statement of purpose, so no pressure but you have to do this right.

We know how stressful this can be and you can always use the help of an online essay writing service to help you out in such cases, but a personal statement is best if you write it on your own. Writing it on your own will give it an authenticity that no one else can guarantee. You really need to draw on your past experiences and courses that you have learned over your time at university or college and relate them to your understanding of your field. If you want a research grant the people need to know that you are truly passionate about it. So without further ado, here are some tips for you to write an essay that will win you the grant:

  • List your ambitions: When writing your scholarship essay the people need to know that you are ambitious enough and that investing in you will guarantee some sort of benefit to society. Hence you should always include what you hope to achieve, what your ultimate goal is, maybe you’d like to help refugees all across the globe or maybe you’d like to improve access to education, whatever your ultimate goal in life is, make sure you list it in there.
  • Tell them where you come from: Give a quick overview of where you come from and those experiences that have shaped you into the person that you are today. Do not give your entire biography instead let them know what the real defining moments of your life were and how they have equipped you with the right skills to take on this venture.
  • What you want to study or research: Talk about things you’re passionate about and where your interest in these things stems from. Try and show that you are a well-settled individual who takes everything seriously. Express what it is exactly that you want to study and be super specific, for example, if you are applying for a program in international affairs, be specific about which branch of the subject you would like to study or which issue you would be taking in focus.
  • Why you want to study or research this particular topic: List all the reasons why this topic has interested you, link it back to all your defining experiences, and how those experiences have put in you a desire to learn about this particular subject. Talking about the reasons why you want to study the subject will also allow those giving the grant to see how the research you do may benefit others and which spheres of society will be most influenced by it.
  • What you already know about the subject: Linking all your previously studied courses with your future expectations of courses, will not only show them that you are well informed it will also show them that you have a logical thought pattern and the ability to plan ahead. It is also a great way to show them that you really have an understanding of the depths of the subject.
  • Your future plans: Talk about your immediate future plans, after you are done getting the scholarship and you have completed its purpose, what will you do then to help your society.


The personal statement is a very important one, and if well written can get you the scholarship even if you aren’t doing very well in your academics. The personal statement must include all your life-changing experiences that have inspired you to study the subject, the aspect of the subject that most interest you and why exactly would you want to study the subject. Your overall aims in life and your future plans should also be included in the personal statement.So next time you ask anybody that ‘write an essay for me’, do check out this these tips and try out your luck by yourself.

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