The matters of mentoring - how to re-shape the concept

There is nothing new when the students are looking for the possibilities to pursue their educational goals. Many of the researches put their weight on the financial strains that the students face while in my opinion, financial issues are not too big for the students. There are many other areas where these students keep on struggling throughout their educational careers. The abstract needs to be underestimated by various facts that are related to mentoring; which matters a lot.

Making the mentoring program a success

It is always great to share the summers and the springs which were quite constructive as I attended various conferences related to the private and post-secondary education sector where the main concern apart from the legislative issues was the successful mentoring programs that are not providing the required or expected results throughout the federation.

The interactions with the attendees were very much interesting as the main topic was the concern related to increasing student issues and the positive effect of the mentoring programs. However, what I thought was a different opinion. I think the mentoring programs are struggling due to the sustainability and the support needed from the management which requires concrete patience and impact on the retention rate. The monitoring of the program by the management makes the flexibility of the program which is assigned through different staff members who randomly participate and share their experiences.

It is also noted that despite the efforts made by the teachers in this respect, the completion rates are considerably dropping. This is also due to the reinforcement done to implement the cultural aspect in the academic performances of the student. Interestingly, the inclusion of the staff members to monitor the programs is also influencing on the performances and they are showing positive signs.

The expectations

Once the program is started and the mentors are provided with the list of their mentees, the conversation between the two different people sometimes takes a different route which is very important to frame the relationship. The communication aspect is very important as the relationship is unique and can take many turns during the course.

The first meeting is very important between the mentor and the mentee and they both must decide a cascade of points on the timings of the meetings and what shall be the mode of communication. What are the expectations and what will be the learning objectives for both? The guidance is only to be provided by the mentor and the structure for the time will be helping the mentee is many ways.

The ratio of success

The success of the mentoring program lies in the point of the faculty staff or no budget, that does not relate with the sharing of efforts and the value of the program. During my interactions in conferences with many conferences attendees, the reasons which they shared regarding the unsuccessful program are:

  • Lack of implementing the process of the program
  • Unavailability of the quality resources for the mentees
  • Students interest
  • Additional responsibilities to the mentors
  • Re-evaluation for the program

Although some of the reserves are not too important to discuss, the driving force and the influence for the successful completion lie on the support required by the leadership as students and teachers will not show any commitment as they are aware of the seriousness of the program.

It is now the right time to make significant adjustment in the strategies and plan something new in the upcoming year, keeping in mind the changes offered during the previous session..

Conflict and adaptation of the program

The relationship between the mentors and mentees are evolving in the future and the objectives associated are developed with the concept of the student and making them develop new competencies. It is however import that both parties maintain the record of the activities held and also learn something you would be proud of.

Final thought

The engagement of students with the teachers are very important and the mentoring programs are just to give students a chance to get the driving force which will lead you to the assignment help UK and the demonstration of the values.

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