Surviving University Level Group Projects

Getting assigned group projects is reminiscent of going to war. You form alliances, pick your battles and stay your grounds until you make it out alive. When enclosed in the battlefield, the distinction between friend and foe becomes a blurred line, and while you rush to catch your breath, your innermost desire is to mark the end of the battle and minimise the fallout.
Although, at times it may seem that collateral destruction is unavoidable, you can always find a way to survive a group project season and arrive at another side with no regrets. With intensive planning and courage, you can win the battle!
  • Be Smart When Forming Alliances: When it comes to selecting your teammates, it is crucial to set your friendships aside. Make a selection based on an individual’s personality, intelligence and dedication to the grades. When you make the mistake of choosing your friend as your teammate, the lack of productivity is inevitable. For this reason, the team should constitute of individuals who have a collaborative personality, high level of intelligence and devotion to maintaining their CGPA. This way, the objectives of the entire team can be aligned.
  • Form a participative leadership style: In group projects, the presence of two categories of argument is usually predicted. In the first case, all individuals want to pursue their own vision while in the latter case, the responsibility is diffused among individuals, and thus, no ideas are formed. On that premise, it is essential to form a democracy and apply the participative leadership style. Ask all members to contribute their opinion yet move forward with the one that the majority feels is the most appropriate.
  • Assign equal responsibility: In most group projects, one individual shoulders the entire responsibility of the assignment. As a result, resentment is created. In light of this, create an outline of all the tasks that need to be performed and ask each individual to be accountable for the element that they feel comfortable with. Set a deadline for all group members so the work can be delivered with ample time to compile and edit it. Furthermore, by applying this strategy, you can always eliminate the possibility of an incomplete project by seeking Assignment help from online websites in case a group member misses the mark when delivering their piece. With the facility of placing a rush order, your project will never fail to meet the deadline.
  • Take the initiative of Compilation: Analogous to a battle scenario, it is never wise to place your trust in anyone else. Consequently, you need to take the added authority of compiling, editing and amending the document. In such manner, you can be confident with the accuracy of the work and submit the project without any doubts in regards to the quality.
It is said that all is fair in love and war. However, the war has consequences which can be harmful for you in the long run. With that in mind, tackle group projects with authority- only when required while remaining patient and understanding to the needs of others.
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