Your Guide to Moving With Kids

You’re ready to make that fresh start- a new job, a new home and a new environment. Everything’s been decided, from the buying of a new place to the selling of your old one. But the real work has just begun. Moving with kids is a much tougher and more sensitive process, however, so you’ll want to follow this guide when it comes to your big day.

The Big Talk

At the very least you have to talk to your kids two months before the big move. It’s better if you talk to them sooner if they’re older, however. And it needs to come from you first, not a relative or neighbour that slips up during a conversation with your kids. So sit them down, have the talk and give them a good idea about the area they’ll soon be calling home. Any questions they have, you can make a list of an answer later.

Find a School

Do thorough research on the schools in your new area. Contact them and ask about the process of enrolments and requirements for transfer students. Don’t forget to thoroughly check out pictures and reviews of private school campuses online, if not in person, so you’ll be sure that this is a great place for your kids to finish their education.

Get Your Records Organized

From medical, vision and dental to previous school forms, get all your important documents travel-ready. If they're to be sent directly to the new offices, don’t forget to sign any release forms. These documents are crucial to any formal/legal/educational procedures.

Moving Day Arrangements

Make sure to get a friend or relative to look after your kids on moving day. This is going to be a pretty hectic time for you and looking after kids as well? It won’t end well so make sure early part that there’s someone able to help you out with the kids.

Contact List

Get your kids to make a list of friends they’d like to be in contact with. You need to make sure they know that they can still be in contact with the people they love, no matter how upsetting it might be for them to hear at the time. They’ll appreciate having the contact information to keep in touch once they’ve settled into their move.

Do Your Research

Your kids might be pretty glum and depressed at the beginning of this trip so do some research and find out about all possible distractions that will keep them happy. From attractions to parks and various activities, make sure to show videos of these to your kids to try and hype them up.

Last Goodbyes

The kids are going to need some time to say a proper goodbye to their friends as well. The worst thing you can do is brush off their feelings or rush them as they’re saying their goodbyes, which is another reason you’ll want to give your kids enough notice when it comes to moving rather than springing it on them.

Moving can be both an exciting and difficult process so don’t forget to follow this guide from beginning to end!

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