Let’s create a new culture in Learning – Social Learning

Social Learning is not something that has just wrap the wits but this is what we have been doing since ages and is an effective strategy. The most exciting thing is that the context of social learning advances with digital technology and the influx of the social element to gain the concept of eLearning.

Now, let’s tap into the buzz of social learning and how it's nurturing the culture of learning in environments.

Many of the educational institutions are spending money on providing training to teachers that are lasting for just a few days. During these training sessions, many of the teachers are unable to perform their daily tasks like answering emails, conducting classes and other important school-based information. Moreover, these types of training sessions are the only training sessions that the teachers enroll in, often costs the educational institutions money and also very little or no productivity which is expected from this training.

Some of the organizational objectives linked with the learning are always looking for new teachers to get to the expectations in a quick manner. Let’s first discuss how these educational institutions can implement social learning in their workplace.

The understanding

The social learning is always within the roots from generation to generation, but the practices that are conducted by the teachers needs practicing. The formal ways of learning that are the only way to retain some information is gathered by the theories that construct the learning; cognitivism, behaviorism, andragogy and experimental.

Social learning is a unique form of collective learning or a combination of learning through observations related to behavioral aspects such as performing a task or watching television. Teachers learn from their peers and document their learning for years to come. they tend to learn from the way how things work and refine their learning through different practices or by discovering the patterns through which these information’s are passed and how the brain is playing its role.

The collective learning paradigm also reflects the norms of collaborative learning in which the teachers are working in a combined group to create a solution for something. This collaborative group might be of teachers that have different skills and can help other teachers understand their skills.

Practicing Social Learning

The credit of sharing information goes to technology as it had made things easier, however still some part of the knowledge needs to be shared in person. The technology aspect is used to prompt people to store and share their knowledge and information about matters that can help the educational system in maintaining their standards.

The working communities formed within the educational institutes are doing a great job when it comes to sharing of knowledge, team learning and providing individuals a chance to speak up and share their insights or something related to their tasks. The purpose of creating social groups is to exchange different ideas on a particular topic and different teams should connect their feedback and questions to develop a sense of learning.

The New culture

Taking the opportunity to implement the aspect of social learning, the educational institutions need to break down the barriers of secret information and opening the space of collaboration that will help the teachers in attaining the professional in a better way which will ultimately help the institution.

It is understandable that the challenges are there which required consistent monitoring to tackle, like the fear of workload and holding the knowledge within themselves. The management must showcase the leverage that sharing authentic information is most valuable to the teacher than the institution.

Final thoughts

It is the necessity of the tech-era that social learning must be facilitated and implemented within the education platform not just to save money but also providing training to teachers on a regular basis which will help the teachers in learning the knowledge faster and also these teachers will then speak out in their teaching practices.

As already this article has been sharing views on the social learning, the exposure to learning and a new task to do my assignment is always connected with the experiences, so just enjoy the learning practices and facilitate the learning and what means of technology will you be implementing. That’s the question for the next season.

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