Why Travel Managers Should Prioritize Employee Comfort Over Cost Cutting?

Employees love business travel because they consider it as an opportunity to see the world and indulge in some retail therapy. Unfortunately, all of this excitement evaporates into thin air as soon as they realize that business travel is not as rosy as they might have perceived. With corporate managers inclined towards saving money, it makes the trip even worse for employees.

Throw in tighter seats, crowded planes and security hassle and things can get even worse for employees. Thankfully, all this has forced employers to focus on employee comfort more during business travel. Here are some of the reasons why employers should prioritize employee comfort over cutting costs.

  1. Feel Good Factor

Businesses have started taking employee care seriously. Mike McCormick, executive director of the Global Business Travel Group said, “Companies are surveying their employees to see if they feel as if they are being cared for on the road.

Business Travel News, an organization that focuses on the managed corporate travel industry, created a free tool called Traveler Happiness Index to gauge how their employees feel about business travel. Since then, hundreds and thousands of companies have used this tool to evaluate what sentiments does their employee possess about business travel. More than 1000 employees have already answered the questionnaire about what is more important to them on a business trip and how their employers are catering to their needs.

Shedding light on the popularity of this tool, Elizebeth West, who is the editor in chief at Business Travel News said, “We’ve also seen an increase in interest in this tool from travel management companies and consultants to use with their clients.” Although, the tool was initially designed for direct use purposes more and more travel management companies are showing a keen interest in using this tool.

  1. Keep Your Employees Fresh

Imagine your boss telling you that you will have to accompany them on a long business trip. You have to travel to a country which is located thousands of miles away from where you are located. The fear of long flight comes to haunt you. Even if you manage to survive the long flight, jet lag gets the better of you for the next couple of days.

Due to this, your employees are subject to fatigue and not fit to assist you in business meetings or accompany you throughout your corporate tour. You want your employees to stay fresh and motivated, not tired and lethargic. If you are trying to cut costs, you will face this problem, which is why it is not a good idea. Take them on a dhow cruise dinner in Dubai and it will breathe new life into your employees.

  1. Job Satisfaction

According to a study conducted by Global Business Travel Association, 79% of all business travelers and 88% of millennial business travelers said their job-related travel experience affected their overall job satisfaction. In fact, it becomes a hot topic during the convention held in San Diego. Participants discussed traveler stress wellness and what impact travel policies can have on the workplace.

Imagine how good an employee would feel when you pamper them and take care of all their needs on business travel. They will return the favor during or after the business travel. They will be willing to go the extra mile and deliver better performance.

On the contrary, if you try to cut corners and treat your employees like a second-grade citizen, it will give them the message that you don’t value them and consider them worthless. That is where demotivation starts kicking in and it will surely cast a negative shadow on their productivity as well. Take them on a dinner cruise in Dubai and they will be happy and satisfied.

  1. Willingness To Go On Business Trips

Have you ever asked your employees “Who wants to go on a business trip?? If you have then you might be familiar with their response as well. The new employee who might never be on a business trip before would show keen interest but those who have been there and have experienced it before won’t show any interest. Did you know why? Because they had a bad experience before. As an employer, you don’t want your employees to run away from a business trip or have to force them into business trips. That is why you should not try to cut corners when going on a business trip because a bad experience will detract most of your employee to go on a business trip again.

Which is the most important reason why employers should focus on employee comfort instead of saving money? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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