How to write and structure your assignment?


Structuring an assignment involves planning, introduction, writing sub topics, linking the topics, conclusion, referencing and proofreading.

Writing an assignment looks like a haunted task to those who have no idea about assignment writing or who are writing an assignment for the first time. Assignment writing is not simple but it can become easier if proper planning is done before hand. It is considered one of the important tasks in the academic career and most of the marks are based on writing research paper assignments.  Structuring an assignment is very important before writing it. On one hand it saves time and on the other hand, it helps to write a worth reading content. Let us see how to structure a write a good assignment:

  • Plan your assignment

Planning an assignment is very important. It helps you in making your mind about the work and you will be able to do the work in a timely manner. In the planning section, we do research about the work and select some sub topics. Here we plan about the type of research depending on the topic. Select some good sources of doing research such as books, journal articles, and websites and so on. We can also get access to some online libraries from where a lot of material is available. Then we will prepare an outline of the work and note down the important things to be done for each sub topic. When writing long assignments, we can also jot down the time allotted for each sub topic. This helps in giving equal time and attention to every sub topic.

  • Write an introduction to give the background and basic idea

Introduction gives a good idea about what you are writing in an assignment. Write your introduction in a way that it becomes interesting for the readers. Try to use simple and lucid language in explaining the basic concept of the assignment and give a little background as well. Make sure to keep the requirements of the assignment in mind.

  • Write paragraphs for each sub topic

Now you will explain each sub topic separately. Try your level best to explain everything required in the assignment. Doing work by using sub topics makes it easier to explain and takes less time. We can also use charts and images to explain the topic.

  • Arrange paragraphs to link them

We cannot just write the sub topics and arrange them. There should be some connection in between them. Here comes the flow of an assignment. When assignment is in flow readers will enjoy reading it and the mentor will get to know that we have proper grip on the topic. Arrange topics from basic to advanced. This arrangement becomes more complicated when writing a dissertation as it is long and comprises of various sub topics.

  • Write a conclusive paragraph

Once the main work is done, the final step in writing is to write a conclusion of your work. Conclude the work in a short paragraph. The assignment should be written in a way that if the mentor only goes through the introduction, headings and conclusion, he will understand the assignment and our understanding about it.

  • Reference and format

The last and the most important thing are to reference and format the work. Referencing should be done according to the requirement of an assignment. Many types of referencing styles are there such as APA, Harvrd, MLA, Chicago, and so on. For referencing, auto referencing style can also be used. This is an option in MS Word that automatically reference the assignment when we fill the requirement box such as source, source link, page number, author and so on. This auto referencing option does both in text citation and bibliography.

  • Proofread with killer eyes

The final step is to proofread the work with vigilant eyes. This involves reading the work twice. By reading the work with the mind of a mentor, we get an idea about the flow of the content. Apart from it, we get to know the grammatical and spelling errors in the work. MS Word highlights automatically highlights some mistakes but this should be kept in mind that not all mistakes are highlighted automatically. Thus, proofreading is essential as it makes the assignment error free.

In short, writing an assignment is simple but one should follow the aforementioned steps to write a proper assignment and to get good grades. Structuring an assignment is not only important on the high level such as doctorate and masters level but basic school assignments should also be structured well to give a good impression to the mentors.

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Victoria Carson is a mentor in University of Florida. He is a Chartered Accountant and has written numerous books on Finance and Banking.

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