High school students taking core curriculum are not college ready

Core curriculum is the main guide for the students and the teacher in the preparation of the future life of the learners.
However, the curriculum has been established in such a way that it does not fit and prepare well the learners for the college life. Here are some of the ways the core curriculum has failed in preparing the learners for the college level.

1. Lack of sufficient skills needed at the college level

The students are not well equipped with the skills which are required to be used in college level. Most of the students move ahead to college levels without the knowledge of the special skills such as computer skills they could have obtained them at the high school level. Some of the students get a big challenge while in the college which makes them not to be efficient in college life and thus drop on the way. In addition to the special skills required, some students are faced with life challenges which require the critical analysis of them. However, most of the students lack the basic tactics on how to handle the problems facing them and thus end up in getting more challenges in the college level. Henceforth, the core curriculum in the high school does not prepare the learners well in the lifestyle techniques. In terms of the coursework, some students fail to be informed on the need of the basic studies which are essential in the academic life of the learner. Thus, the learner may not be well prepared to meet the better needs of the graduate after secondary school.

2. Students are not well prepared for courses for success

The high school academic level involves the rote learning in most cases and the hurry to cover up the laid syllabus. Most teachers in the high school level do not encourage their students to perform well on the subjects which may result in the success of their future careers in life. The major concern is on how to complete the course content in the syllabus. Farther, the students are engaged in the examination-oriented curriculum which is useless in most cases because no practice is done on the learnt content. Henceforth, most students get into the college level without a clear understanding of the type of choice of career. They get involved in the careers which are ready to do because of the bad criteria in the choice of the subjects. For instance, a student may wish to study in the engineering sector in the college level but have a bad subject choice of arts only which may make him end with the social courses rather than the one n question. Therefore, proper guidelines on the choice of the subjects should be outlined in regard to the career choice in the future. Most of the students do not take the advanced placement courses for the preparedness of the college. This means that students focus on the rigorous skills in the high school level rather than having an opportunity to explore on the career.
3. Inappropriate methods used in the teaching and learning process

Due to the core curriculum set in high schools, most of the schools do not have sufficient materials to implement the teaching. This means that with the limited study using the limited resources, most of the learners are not exposed to the various ways of solving the subject issues. The core curriculum in most cases allows the learner to knowledge in the books alone without a clear exposure of practice to the real world. This means that most of the work is presented in a theoretical manner than it is put into practice in the real world. This means that most of the schools concentrate on covering the syllabus in the least methods such as the lecture methods. Lack of enough practice of the skills research and the practical ways of solving problems. In addition, lack of exposure to the technical knowledge is a big problem to the learners moving to the college level. This is due to college education in most cases require thorough research using digital devices. Therefore, due to lack of sufficient knowledge in the use of technological device may limit these students from getting the necessary content they are looking for when doing research. Farther, the un-learnt work is carried forward to the college level which could have been done in the high school level and henceforth have an additional burden in the study of the college courses. This therefore, will cause the learner to continue being dependent on the rest of the students and result in the poor management self-centered activities.
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