Why “USB Drive Not Showing Full Size” and How to Restore It?


This article you can find methods to restore “USB drive not showing full size”, so that you can make use of lost or unallocated disk space of USB drives.restore usb drive back to full capacity

Issue overview

USB storage devices such as external HDD, USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, etc., play important role in our lives. We can store large amount of data on SD card or flash drive so that we can take them to anywhere without difficulty. However, In case that hard drive shows wrong capacity, especially the total storage of used space and free space becomes less, then the space you can use also becomes smaller. So you need to restore its full capacity restore usb drive back to full capacity

Why doesn’t USB drive show full capacity in Windows?

Generally speaking, a pen drive showing less space happens in the situations like:
        ●The USB drive is made to bootable disk. Installing bootable OS (operating system) such as Chrome or Linux. It will change the partition system of your pen drive so some free space will appear
        ●The USB drive is divided into two or more partition.
        ●There is unallocated space. We all know that unallocated disk space cannot be used if there is not partition created on it. The result is that you can make use of allocated space only. Therefore, we can fix the problem by adding unallocated space to existing partition.
        ●The disk is physically damaged. If storage device is physically damaged, the capacity might change. The entire disk size in Disk Management shrinks or increases largely, or the USB drive shows 0 bytes if you check its properties.
        ●Removing the pen drive suddenly while it is working
        ●Interruption before formatting completed or using some third-party software inappropriately
        ●Computer virus restore usb drive back to full capacity

How to fix “USB drive not showing full size”?

This part provides 2 solutions to fix “USB drive not showing full size” (restore USB drive backup to original capacity).
Caution: The all solutions will completely wipe the entire USB drive in question, please backup all important files before proceeding. Besides, please be very careful to select correct before formatting or cleaning operations, or you might wipe wrong disk by mistake.

Solution 1: Restore USB flash disk back to full capacity with DiskPart

Step 1: Run Command Prompt as Administrator. You can launch it easily by clicking the Start button and selecting option “Command Prompt (Admin)”.restore usb drive back to full capacity
Step 2: Type the "diskpart" command in the Command Prompt windows and hit Enter key.
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