How To Go About Changing Your Job For The Better

Last year, I was in a terrible work environment. I hated my boss and found working with him very tedious. He micro-managed every element of my work and openly criticized me in front of other people. It got to a point where I could take it no longer and needed to find a new job.
I had been a secretary to a director in a leading UK law firm. I was not a senior secretary, but I had reasonable experience. I had been in this job for 18 months, but, including my former roles, it was 4 years experience in total. My next move had to be in an upward direction, so I wanted to become a Senior PA or Secretary, which would bring more money and responsibility.
I have now been in a tense environment for a long time now. This was the result of a personality clash with my boss, due to his lack of people skills that had made him unpopular in the office. I felt that I had lost my confidence, which was likely to be a problem, when I interviewed for a better job. Also, my firm had somewhat antiquated IT. We still used Microsoft 2010, so I decided that I may need to update my skills before I leave my job.
I became aware that a lack of IT skills and social confidence were the main issues that were holding me back. I had to form a clear plan to address my issues and find a new job.
Firstly, I did a course in IT at a Secretary Training Centre. I passed the exam and received a qualification. This meant that I was fully skilled in using both Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016. I approached friends to give me advice on my CV, before I went to an agency. I sent my CV out as much as I could, once I felt ready; I even got to practice interviews with my agent.
Overall, I have learnt several things from this experience. Firstly, the most important thing is to address any technical weaknesses that you possess. Then you must work on your interview skills. All of these actions must be undertaken as part of a clear plan. Once you have taken these actions, confidence will naturally develop
Finally, be realistic about the next step. You should not try to make a huge upward movement, as it may prove impossible. This is because it is hard to achieve a large career jump, especially when you are looking to leave your company quickly. When you find roles, make sure that you choose roles that have scope for promotion or development.
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