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03 Jan


Rains off a Smoky Sky-From Anurita’s diary, a debut novel by Pritam Mandal

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Have you ever wondered how things around us have changed at every level, in every possible aspect? We don’t have to go centuries back to realize the differences in the world and our lifestyle but a decade or two would be sufficient. In the two decades, just notice the changes that have happened in the world around us. Pollution has seeped-in massively everywhere; starting from our mind to air, water, land and at all available pockets of the environment.

We’ve been polluted technologically, educationally, environmentally, and psychologically. There is smoke of rotten morality and ill-ethics smoke of corruption, black money and power-hunger; and smog of toxic gases off poorly-planned factories and industrial complexes. Our sensitive hearts seem to have got deep buried under the layers of garbage and thick black smoke. If you feel this is exaggerated, we invite you to have a peek through the window into the life of Anurita. She’s someone who hails from a rural part of India, making her way through the odds to become the one she has always dreamt of. There is always good out there, there are always people of Eagle-like strength who help guide the lost and dejected into island of light and love; dreams and hope. Anu finds that man, who takes life into meaningfulness, into bliss. With him and his dream multi-national company, Anurita drifts far away from the colorful, chaos-full, dirty, smoky and the polluted society, into a freshness of purity and nature.

The book is a sneak peek into the world of Anurita, her thoughts and perceptions of the society, and the way she looks at life. Titled Rains off a Smoky Sky, the book is published by Notion Press and is now available to readers all over the world. Through the diary of Anurita, the author captures her emotions, opinions, mood, conflicts, reaction, and philosophy. She feels that over the years, our lifestyle has evolved into something that moves towards things of less significance. From celebrated cricket matches and overrated movies, we are all enticed on spending our time and money on things that would prove futile in the longer run of life than spending on things that will pave way for inner peace.

Anurita celebrates organic life, fruits-and-fruit-juice, water-and-yoga, and running-and-reading. Rather than alcohol and cheer leaders’ dance wine bar and meaningless ‘masala’ nights at every street corner she finds inspiration in a simple nature-oriented lifestyle where we feel for environment, where we fight against pollution and feel connected, united and empathetic. From our education system, society, the media, role of the government, law and order, to basic human principles, Anurita spares none. To experience Anurita’s world, grab your copy today.

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